Does a cold winter lead to a hot summer?

Does a cold winter mean that we're in for a hot summer?  You know the kind of summer I mean, the ultimate BBQ weather, the absolute scorcher where folk are passing out because of the heat and the tarmac blisters in the searing rays from our star.  By the way we are in fact talking about Great Britain here and not somewhere like the US or the south of France.

One thing is for sure and that is that we are definitely in the middle of a cold winter.  In fact it's one of the coldest winters I can remember and as I am in my forties, well let's put it this way, I can remember quite a few winters and summers now!   As I grew up in Scotland getting a load of snow in the winter was normal and when I moved south to England I kind of got used to the milder weather and the paltry quantities of snow we'd get in early January.   It's quite amazing watching the scene outside the window at the moment.   The snow that's on the ground has been here for weeks and I'm in the midlands.  They've had snow for a lot longer up north where my family live and to be honest, they're getting quite fed up with it now.  To make matters worse the grit and salt supplies are starting to run low so there are some interesting times ahead for motorists still struggling to drive to work.

A postcard winter sceneI also remember one or two scorching summers where the thermometer was up into the thirties and the desk fans in the office where I worked did nothing more than blow the hot air around.  The last really hot summer I remember here was in 2006 I think and I really don't remember the preceding winter being anything spectacular.  It's one of those questions that's pretty difficult to answer though.  Does a cold winter lead to a hot summer?  I've no idea and I cant see a link myself, but I do remember hearing it said often enough.  

Perhaps it's a game of numbers.  Every now and then a hot summer or a particularly cold winter comes around.  A bit like a game of roulette with the weather.  Global warming aside it's going to happen sometime.  It could be this year or it could be next year - who knows...   Another idea springs to mind though.   Perhaps instead of trying to force a link between winter and summer, perhaps we should look to nature for the answer.   For example I always remember my mum telling me about trees laden with berries and how that would mean a cold and prolonged winter.   That certainly seemed to be the case this year.   Unfortunately though, I can't remember any old saying that would help predict a hot summer.

I'll leave the BBQ under wraps for the moment and wait to see what happens!

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