How to get rid of a moth in your house

This is, I think a very appropriate article for  How do you get rid of moths in your house, and is there a way to do it naturally without having to hurt them?  It's a question many a kind hearted person may ask, but the stupid moth just won't leave your home and as frustration grows the poor thing is more likely to end up squished and on the windowsill.

However, there is a simple way to get rid of moths from you're house.  You see moths aren't all that bright and they're actually quite predictable.  The only reason they end up in your home is because they're trapped there.  They would really rather be some place else in the same way that you would rather they were outside.  What do you do?  You open the window of course but the darn thing refuses to move towards the open window and you spend the next twenty minutes with a newspaper swatting at it as it flutters around a light bulb in the vain hope that you can convince it the moth to fly out the window. That just isn't going to work.  It's dark outside and that bright thing in the middle of the ceiling looks far more interesting.

This moth removal tip isn't particularly useful for the living room where we generally like to sit with our feet up watching telly.  Yes I know, the they seem to go for the TV as well, especially in the middle of summer when all the windows are open.  However, if the moth is in you're kitchen, bathroom or even you're bedroom.  Just leave the window open, turn out the light and leave the room making sure you shut the door behind you.  Any ambient light outside filtering in through the window suddenly becomes far more appealing than the dark corners of your bathroom.  How to get rid of a moth in your houseThe moth will eventually find its way out carry on with it's life leaving you to get on with yours. 

This works particularly well in bathrooms and kitchens where you can leave the window open overnight and the early dawn glow will work it's magic on the little creature. Another option is to turn on an outside light if you have one or find some other light source to attract the moth out of the room. Moths can be moved from room to room very easily using the lights in the house.  Turn all the lights off in the room occupied by the moth and turn on the ones in the next room.  He may need a bit of coaxing but he'll head out the door into the brightly lit room as soon as he's in the air again.

Try to be security conscious though.  Open windows are just as good for blaggers getting into your property as well as moths getting out.


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